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This week has been pretty quiet. We have been working on just a few odds and ends. These are described below:

Money – We have been working with Colin at Mercantile to finalise the details of our mortgage – We should be getting a mortgage that works out at about 2.7% a month (at current rates) over a 10 year span. We should be getting a confirmation of this soon. We have been fighting with Barclays as they have the main bulk of our money and they were supposed to be sending it to Lloyds on the 11th February to allow for our money transfer to Israel later on this week. Barclays has now “admitted” that they lost some paperwork but that it has now been found and the money will be transferred soon. That was Friday – and we are still waiting. At least we have until about the 10th March for the money to be brought over….. More international phone calls coming soon.

Interior Design – we have now signed the contract and paid the first instalment to Tamar (Rand Interiors) to do the design and management work for the property (Design includes help with the shopping……). She has started by looking to get a professional measurement of the whole property. After receiving quotes from 2 contractors – she decided that the prices were too high for the work and so she will be doing it herself – for a third of the cost! This will be done next week. Tamar has also dragged Joelle (kicking and screaming) into the 21st century as she likes to communicate through whatsapp. This means that we finally managed to get Joelle a smart(ish) phone. It is the bottom of the range Samsung – but Natanel (our 10 year old) is already asking when will “mummy upgrade so that he can have her new phone instead!”

Photos – One of us will go into the house with Tamar next week to take some “Before” photos and add them to the blog.

That’s all for now, Chat soon,

Adam & Joelle