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Last week ended with the sad demise of our dishwasher. Although this is unfortunate, the timing isn’t too bad. With Pesach in a few weeks we wouldn’t complain about having a new Pesachdig dishwasher… it certainly would not be the end of the world – with a single exception, we have now been forced to start making design decisions for our kitchen. Our first design question is to what extent we integrate the dishwashers into the kitchen. Basically do we wish the dishwashers to look like dishwashers, look like cupboards or something in-between. This is before we have even decided on the exact placement of the kitchen, the space that we will have in the kitchen, or even the overall theme. I have arranged to speak to Tamar (our interior designer) about the merits of different dishwasher options – but I do not seem to be able to find any spare time….. I will put it on my to do list tonight – just under the washing up.

Update re: design – Tamar was in the house on Monday measuring. She has stated that the house is one on the most complex she has seen (in layout), that the walls aren’t straight (apparently normal in Israel) and that she absolutely loves the outside. We are going to meet with her within the next week or so to start collating together all our requirements – prior to starting the real design work. Due to the complexity of the house design, we are going to plan out areas and “ideals” and then finalise all our plans once the builders have demolished the interior so that we can incorporate all the unexpected disasters that will inevitably occur. Whilst Tamar was in the house I took some photos with my phone – I will add a small number of them in the next couple of days as an additional blog.

Banking and Money – The bank has completed the mortgage file, and we have arranged to go into the bank on Monday to sign it (and be given the Israeli mortgage shpiel). After signing the mortgage paperwork we have to take a specific sheet of the mortgage file to our lawyer to be countersigned. We also had to arrange for a mortgage property valuation – for this I called a guy called Moshe who was on a list of approved valuers from the bank. I have sent him a letter from the bank, both parts of the house contract and the current owner’s details. As he lives within Ma’ale Adumim it shouldn’t take too long for the valuation to be completed. I have added Moshe’s details to our support page. All our money that we were bringing in to Israel for the property is now here – two weeks early which is MUCH better than 1 day late.

That’s all for now,

Adam & Joelle