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I apologise for the rather pathetic use of an old Chinese proverb. But it fits as we have started looking into the “white goods” for the kitchen. Today’s blog is all about ovens and also a couple of photos that I promised you last time.

I have simple requirements for my oven which simply put are :

    • A 120cm (48″) Range oven
    • Dual Fuel (Gas for the hob and electric for the ovens)
    • 5 or 6 rings – a griddle would also be nice.
    • Two ovens would be ideal – we could cope with three
    • It needs to be usable on shabbat/chag. To us this means:
    • Lights – The internal oven lights must not come on automatically if the doors are opened
    • Timers – The “end of timer” buzzer must turn itself off without manual intervention after a relatively short time
    • Manufacturer – I want a reasonable/good manufacturer that does not charge just for the name.
    • We want the company to give us the range oven for free. OK – we wish it to cost less than 14,000NIS
    • Finally we wish it to cook evenly throughout the oven (this is not guaranteed according to some reviews that I have seen.)

This list seemed comprehensive and reasonable to us. So far, the first Israeli supplier has offered me a Bertazzoni at 26,500NIS now or 30,000NIS next week. The seller hasn’t even told me which of the 3 models that Bertazonni sells in this range he is offering to me!
I have also looked at King and Dacor from the states – but these also look to be too expensive – especially with the shipping costs.
From the reviews, I could get either a Falcon or a Rangemaster (The cheaper version of AGA) from the UK for under 11,000NIS that is better than the ones offered above! Unfortunately neither are sold here and the gas pressures are different so we cannot even import one from the UK.
Oh well. The search continues and continues. We don’t even receive the keys to the property for another 9 weeks so I assume that we have a little more time to comprehensibly fail to find an oven that matches our criteria.

And now for something completely different: a man with a tape recorder up his nose.

Sorry – wrong track.  Below are pictures of the existing kitchen, a part of the garden and the view from one of the balconies:

View of existing kitchen
Rear Garden
View from upstairs balcony

Adam & Joelle.