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Hi all,

This week has been very busy – but also fairly unproductive.
It was a week for moving everything along – just not coming out with any real results. Not very surprising as there is still no reason to hurry as we do not have open access to the house yet.

Mortgage: We met with the bank for close to an hour earlier this week. We signed a mountain of paperwork in triplicate. Arranged to pay 1500 NIS for the privilege of opening a mortgage file and found out what else we needed to do. Here is the list (as I remember it)

  • Copies of Teudat Zehut (done)
  • Copies of original contract and Ishur signed when signing contracts (done)
  • Arrange life and house insurance (Arranged but not opened yet)
  • Give approximately 5 forms to the seller to sign (basically confirming his bank details and confirming he has no outstanding debts on property) (Given to seller, needs to be returned to us)
  • Give 2 forms to our lawyer for us to sign in front of him (Done straight after meeting at the bank and returned to bank immediately…)
  • Take a form to be notarised (this will cost about 150NIS and still needs to be arranged)
  • Take a form to a government office which will give us a list of our and the seller’s financial loans/collateral (awaiting form back from seller before we can go to this office)
  • Get the valuation completed (Valuation was done at 9.30 this morning. The bank should get the documentation by the beginning of next week)
  • Proof that we have paid the purchase tax (Done – Gave tax form to bank, bill has been paid)
  • Take all remaining paperwork back to the bank.

Oven: We are still looking at options. Our search now includes the US, Israel and the UK. We will see what works out best in terms of value for money. Although we do not need the oven until probably December, we need to decide on what oven to we are going to be buying as the kitchen will be designed around this.

Dish Washer: We are still looking at dishwashers. We did not want to spend 4800NIS for the “best” Siemens dishwasher as our last Siemens dish washer only lasted 3 years and was not worth repairing. We did not want the cheapest Electra as we have found that “popular” Israeli white goods companies are popular because they are cheap and tend to be of fairly poor quality. An Electrolux that seemed reasonable became unviable as internet reviews spoke about the difficulty of using this machine for washing wine glasses due to stability issues. The review spoke of 4 broken glasses over multiple washes in a short period of time. The search continues. We are not in a rush – we would like to receive the machine to use over Pesach.

Valuation: Last night we took the current plans (I got the plans from the seller) of the new property over to the valuer and paid him 850NIS (he lives in Ma’ale Adumim quite near to our youngest son’s school). He arranged with the owner to do the survey this morning at 9.30 am and will be sending the valuation to the bank at the beginning of next week.

Design: We had a meeting with Tamar to decide how and when we are going to meet up to work with the design. We are meeting at the Design Centre in Ramat Gan tomorrow morning to get an overview of design theory which will help Tamar to communicate with us her ideas.

More to come next week!

Adam and Joelle