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Hi all,

We had a pretty full few days with respect to the house.

On Friday morning we drove over to the Design Centre in Ramat Gan (3 minutes from Adam’s work) where we sat down with Tamar at a cafe and looked through the exact measurements of the house and discussed our expectations and requirements for the property in infinite detail for close to two hours. Tamar then took us around a minute sub-section of the design centre (shops!) to show us ideas and options. We had a very quick look at some options for kitchen cabinets, kitchen surfaces, window coverings (blinds and curtains), dining tables, sofas and wardrobes. No decisions were made at all – it was just a very brief overview to give us a better idea of the decisions we are going to be making. We did not look at windows as Tamar has a specific American quality windows company that she wishes to show us.

On to the Design Centre as a whole. It is huge. There is a gigantic (the child in me wishes to use the incorrect word ginormous) building filled with different large interior design shops. On the outside there is probably as many shops again within the same shopping complex. This is definitely a place to go for ideas – but it is pricey. In most cases, it should be possible to get exactly the same goods at a better price. It must be be a shopper’s or interior designer’s delight.

On to the oven. On Friday afternoon (full of zeal from the morning’s activities) I phoned up Rangemaster in the UK to discuss with them the detailed specifications of their ovens. Apparently the LPG pressure at the access point to the oven should be 27 for butane or 36 for propane. As the gas regulators here work at 30 it appears that Israel works at the same standard pressures as the UK. The biggest issue that we possibly have is that the gas connection to the oven is a 1/2 inch BSP male thread. There is no chance of this working here. Luckily, there is an adapter from 1/2″ BSP (British Standard Pipe Thread) to a 15mm European fitting. I looked at some examples of ovens here – and it looks like the ovens have an adapter which converts them from a 15 mm fitting to an Israeli fitting. Tamar is going to speak with a gas fitter to confirm that the gas pressure is acceptable and that we can use a UK oven here from that perspective and then I will order the 1/2″ to 15mm fitting so that we can confirm we can connect the oven up to the gas. A £12 fitting is a lot cheaper than a £2000 oven!

As we will be required to ship the oven from the UK – I spoke to the company that arranged our original lift to Israel. They can ship the oven to us for £550 if we get the it delivered to them. We thought this was a bargain (we were expecting about £1000). But, we can ship up to 3 cubic metres of goods for £750 – which would allow us to bring another 3 – 4 big electrical appliances as well as a new BBQ and a smoker if we so desired. This is of interest to us!

Mortgage – We found out yesterday that all the documents that were required signatures by the seller are at his lawyer! We will be trying to collect them later. We also received the mortgage valuation today.

Dishwashers – this has taken a back burner this week as we still haven’t found what we want. We are still looking – but will probably try to catch the pre-pesach sales. If we are lucky we may even get a new dishwasher for Pesach.

We are now waiting for Tamar to come up with some amazing designs that we will look at which should give us some more direction and then we can make some decisions…..

Have a couple of good days till we chat next.

Adam & Joelle