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The last two weeks have gone quite quietly.
We are still waiting on designs from Tamar – but designing a full house is a large job. She has said that she is planning on contacting us this week.

We have started looking at the dishwasher again (as we are desperate at home for a new dishwasher). I spent some time looking online at Zap and collated a list of integrated dishwashers in our price range. We then looked at reviews of these on line and sent a short list of 3 to Tamar with the lowest price that we found. We will see what prices she comes back with from her “appliances guy”.

With respect to the mortgage – we took back the seller’s signed documentation to the bank and found out that he did not follow the instructions and added extra statements whilst removing other requirements without any permission. The bank has sent the documents back to him (via us) to get them re-signed correctly. Thankfully we still have close to 2 months before this is all needed. We also tried to get the list of mortgage payments signed off from the correct office on Yirmiyahu street – but it is closed every Tuesday. It is also only open between 8.30 and 12.30 every other day of the working week. No idea when someone is supposed to get there if they work full time. Adam will have to formally manipulate work again to complete this requirement – it is lucky his boss is very understanding and helpful.

The oven is on a back burner at the moment as we are awaiting information from Israeli gas fitters to see if we can use a UK oven with a European gas connection.

Last but not least – Purim – we took Shlach Manot to our soon to be new neighbours.

Everything is moving on nicely – it is just taking time – which is something that we currently have (especially as the exchange rate has just dropped and our money for the work is currently in GBP sterling).

More Blogging next week,

Adam & Joelle.