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Again we have had a slow few weeks – but we are looking forward to some movement soon.

With the respect to the bank –  We should be getting the required insurance papers during this week (starting from May 1st). I went to the place on Yirmiyahu street, forgot the papers, obtained the paperwork that I thought was required and went back to the bank, only to find out that I still needed to get the “forgotten” paperwork stamped. I therefore had to go back to the same office a week later with the paperwork – and pay for the same work to be done again (and also pay for the paper stamping) which in total came to approximately 300 NIS. The seller’s lawyer still has our paperwork to be signed. We do not know when it will be signed – but we can’t get the mortgage without it and the mortgage department is closed over Pesach. The mortgage is moving – but it is slow. We also had to pay 3 months of rent today (we pay quarterly and we are a couple of days late). It is a shame to pay when almost have a house – but we do still have to rent until the end of this year at the least.

Kitchen – We have chosen a dishwasher – we just need to get the best price possible for it. We are getting either a Siemens Seimens sn65e001 or the siemens Seimens sn65e008. The prices are different because the first is an older model. Will probably buy this on Friday or Sunday. We have a new option for an oven. Ilve sells a Range oven that is 100cm and a little more than we wish to pay. But it is a better quality oven at a better price – just a little smaller. I need to go and look at the exact different options available to me and also to time ordering the oven correctly as if bought here will take 45 days to deliver. It may be longer to deliver if bought in the UK.

Design –  Tamar was ill last week and so did no work on the design. She is now almost finished with the basic design and we will have a meeting at the beginning of next week to discuss her different designs and then start selecting the parts that we like. We will then make a final design and Tamar will create our requirements list to different builders (We will see the builders work – but not sure if this will be before or after we get the quotes).

Anyway the progress is slow – but it is not non-existent.

Until a more exciting next week (We hope),

Adam & Joelle