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Today we are supposed to be completing on the house. I still do not know if it is going to be happening due to the ongoing saga between the bank and the seller’s lawyer.
Over 8 weeks ago we gave a list of documents we required for the mortgage to the seller’s lawyer (that is how it works here) and he made several changes to them without the permission of the bank. The bank stated that they would come to an agreement with him about the exact wording so that both sides would get want they want – but the lawyer just ignored the bank and still made the changes that he wanted. After about 4 reiterations we finally got a document that was possibly going to be accepted. But we still didn’t have everything. We needed a document from the Minhal Karka to do with the sale of the property. We have been nagging for this for over 8 weeks. Our lawyer started nagging for this 6 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago he paid for this document and arranged for it to be sent to the seller who would then pass it on to me but he supposedly didn’t receive it even though Israeli post is usually very reliable (if a little slow). Because it still hadn’t arrived by last Thursday we arranged and paid for a courier to go to the office and get the document. We then found out that our lawyer couldn’t do this as it has to be requested by the seller’s lawyer. About 4 days later the seller’s lawyer (at our cost) arranged for a courier to collect the document. He sent a fax to our lawyer who took it to our bank on the same day. The bank stated that this was fine to approve the mortgage but they would need the original to pay the money. Every day since then our lawyer has requested that the document be sent to him by courier. It has still not arrived. If the document is not in our bank this morning then the mortgage will not be paid today….. Yesterday our lawyer tried over 20 times by email, fax, sms and phone calls to find out what was going on without any response. I am going to sit outside the seller’s lawyer’s office this morning to try to get the document. I am praying that he hasn’t put it in the post contrary to our request.

Mortgage – The bank had everything needed on Monday except the original document from the Minhal. They sent it to Be’er Sheva where they do a penultimate check of all the documents and they noticed that one of the insurances was in lieu to Discount bank instead of the Mercantile Discount Bank (Same parent company – but different businesses). I spoke to our insurance broker (Errol Melman) and he amazingly managed to get a copy of the corrected insurance to the bank within 2 hours – Thank you Hana for the quick, competent speedy service and support.
After checking the documents the bank then sent them to the Tel Aviv office which issues the mortgage. Here they checked it and stated that all was in order and they would release the money to the seller tomorrow as long as they have the original document from the Minhal. Avital (our banker for the mortgage) said that such a complete file with no issues is almost unheard of in the bank! So today – if I can get the document I will drive it to the bank. Today is a work day for me (not holiday) I am hoping that I will be able to get all my work done – I doubt that I will make my hours but I should manage 6 hours which is what I need to count it as a full day.

Shopping – We forgot to mention that on Friday when we went shopping we received a 100NIS fee whilst parking in the TA Docks. There were signs that you had to pay – just no machines to pay at. Our mistake – we now know better for our next shopping trip.
We have quotes now for the internal/external doors. The 2 external doors that we are buying were cheaper than we expected – especially as they have such great features (look up Hermetix Doors on-line – the English website is not as good as the Ivrit one). The 2 external doors came to 12,000NIS and the internal ones were 2,500 each. We are not sure if the internal ones are expensive or not as they include features like different facias on each side (we are doing chalkboard and whiteboard on the kids doors), sound proofing, safety methodology which moves the door so that caught hands aren’t broken or have fingers torn off (we know people’s kids this has happened to and therefore feel it is worth extra money for this even if our kids are getting a little older) and mastered door locks with different keys for each door and a keyless locking methodology on the inside. I am probably going shopping on Sunday for dining tables as a friend’s Amish oak (stained as cherry) table has come up and I want to see what is out there in walnut or whether I should take this table and bleach then stain it. The problem with buying the table is that it will cost about 3000NIS to change the colour to something which matches the wood theme in our house.

The seller – There are two things that has come up with the seller over the last couple of weeks. The first is the trash/garbage/rubbish in the house. By contract, the house needs to be empty. The house was full of rubbish. This rubbish is now standing close to a metre and a half high in the garden. If he does not clear this up my lawyer has told me to talk to him about it and he will do something to get him to do it. The second thing is the gas canisters – these canisters supposedly have a deposit on them, so the seller asked me for close to 1000NIS per canister. I refused so he sent them back to the gas company. To me this is a better solution as we will not need any gas until January time (probably) and there is no need for them to just sit there being an explosion hazard on a work site.

That’s it for now – I will blog later and tell you what happened with the Lawyer/Mortgage saga!

Speak soon,