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So, for those who have been following and were wondering what happened in the end on Thursday…here is the update you were waiting for! It will be fairly short.

Adam went to the seller’s lawyer on Thursday at 9 am – to find that the document that we required and had asked him to send to the bank at the beginning of the week was still sitting on his desk – and him still claiming that it was our lawyer’s responsibility. We haven’t figured out why he didn’t send it on as requested…
Adam then took the document to Jerusalem and delivered it by hand to Avital, he then came home to carry on working. Avital arranged for the office in Tel Aviv to fax a document to my work which I had to sign – basically agreeing to the transfer of funds – and I then had to fax it back to her. I received the fax at 12.45 – and returned it within 5 minutes. She then awaited final approval from Tel Aviv – which came through a little while later – the office closes at 14.00 – so we only just made it it time. The money was in the seller’s bank account the next day but he wasn’t around. Adam has gone out now to get the keys…so in short the house is ours, and we are very relieved. The seller has to sign a letter stating that he has been paid in full for the house and that he has no objection to the rest of the mortgage payment going into our account (which he hasn’t done as he wants to consult with his lawyer)… we will then forward this on to Avital.

Also, Adam & Chezi were supposed to go to the Iriya on Thursday to change the Arnona but Chezi spent the whole time (electively) at the dentist.

As an aside, the post box. We assumed that the post box would come with the house – but Chezi is saying that the post box is his and not ours. We will talk about it with our lawyer and the post office.

What else has happened?

We have the names of a few people in Modi’in (and Jerusalem) who had work done by Yaniv – the third contractor whom we got a quote from. We are trying to arrange to see some of his work, hopefully on Monday evening – and we will then make a final decision on which contractor to use, and can then get started on the demolition work.

Adam is going shopping with Tamar in Talpiot tomorrow, and we are all meeting up on Friday morning in Tel Aviv.

I guess that’s it for now.