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This has also been a productive week, but I am going to assume that we will be slowing down a little for now.

This week Yaniv started on the demolition. All the other contractors quoted 3-4 weeks of work. Yaniv started on Tuesday (it took 3 days to get insurance) and is planning on finishing tomorrow. If he doesn’t succeed it will be on Thursday. Having seen (and being amazed) at how quickly and relatively cleanly the guys have been working I expect this will be completed tomorrow. We will then have a two month gap until we start to rebuild the property.

So why are we having this gap? There are many reasons. The two personal ones are that we wanted to get started on the work and that once the demolition work has been completed we can finalise the design without any unexpected surprises. There was a surprise but it will not be causing us any issues. One of the basement walls was thicker than expected (and made of proper brick) making the builders decide that this is probably a supporting wall. This was a surprise but not the end of the world as we were planning to rebuild the same wall in the same place. It is the wall for my mum’s bedroom.
The other two reasons for the delay are also simple. It gives us more time to complete the design without worrying about having a very close deadline. It also gives us lots of time to complete the shopping, although we are doing fine on the shopping as you will see a little later on.
The arbitrary start date of August 6 makes sense when you realise that this is the end of Ramadan just making it a lot easier for the builders. I personally wouldn’t like to do heavy building work day in, day out in the height of a desert summer day in Israel. This week we have constantly been in temperatures above 30C (pushing 90F) and I have heard that the temperature will be up 40C this Thursday (over 100F). Could you do physical labour in temperatures that are over 40C/104F without any water for over 12 hours??? We couldn’t and we wouldn’t like to force anyone to do this for us. WE will let the workers do less energetic building work on other sites so that they will be able to work more efficiently on my house when they get to us. We have also now paid Yaniv for this section of work.

Design – We have made a few minor changes. We have decided that we would probably use a shower much more than a bath – and so in our en-suite we are changing the bath to a shower. We are also swapping round the study/guest room with Natanel’s room. This will allow us to give Natanel a desk under his bed as he wanted. It will also allow us to make the doors to the balcony (mirpeset) open inwards which will be easier with the alarm system. We are hoping that this will stop Yaakov from banging on Natanel’s wall to get his attention.

Shopping – During the week, Hermetix stated that they were not able to deliver the interior doors that we required. This was because we wanted the doors to have a relatively deep interior panel. They can however do a shallow panel and moulding to make the panel appear to be deeper, which is acceptable to us.
We have confirmed all our tiles, but still wish to look at a parquet floor that we are debating for the sunken lounge. We have made decisions on all the windows in the house (Anderson) and have come close to a final decision on our sofa (there is a specific design that we are planning to import from the states).
We have also looked in more detail at tables, kitchen cabinets and decking. The table will probably be designed for us by Tamar and then we will get it made for us by either one of Tamar’s contacts or a friend of ours that has done carpentry for us before in the uk. The kitchen cabinets are likely to be white with a middle panel and we were looking at appropriate caesar stone tops and have a possible option. The negative on this top is that there is a very slight sparkle in it which we would prefer wasn’t there. We are also going to look at granite tops and if we find one that we particularly like we will compare the prices and probably choose the cheapest one.

That is about all for now. We need to start looking at curtains, lighting, beds, furnishings and the other systems that we are interested in (Alarm, Air conditioning, underfloor heating, Grey water, secondary circulation (a method of having hot water on tap), etc.

Adam & Joelle