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A nice quiet week allowing us to reflect on all that has happened.
We have not done any more shopping.
We have paid a little (negligible amount) extra on our demolition fees as Tamar decided to knock down a couple of extra walls.
Tamar has re-measured the house (now there are no walls) and also popped in to the Iriya to talk about planning permission.
The planning permission process is really simple here (in Ma’ale Adumim), we go into the “Handasa” (engineering) department in the Iriya, collect a form from them which we then have to give to our 2 neighbours to sign. We then take this form back to the Iriya with a list of changes that we require (and any documentation they say that they require) and they either approve/reject the changes in their “Planning Permission” meeting that they have every 3 weeks. I do not know if there are any costs involved or what the process is if the Iriya says no to a change we request, we will find out…. Saying this, we should not have any issues as Ma’ale Adumim is supposed to be very strict on keeping with Building Requirements but are very free in giving permission to make changes that are acceptable within the rules.
Lawyer – we are supposed to sign another document (Joelle has done this) and send over some Ishur (permission) from the Iriya to do with the Arnona. We are still trying to find out what this document is as we were only given a receipt for paying the arnona bill.

That is it – apart from trying to arrange a credit card that will give us a large enough limit to be able to pay off all the shopping bills that we will be getting – hopefully one which has some kind of acceptable bonus scheme.

’till next week,

Adam & Joelle