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As we have previously said – we are in a slow phase where we are getting ready to begin the main work.
This means that we are adding more detail to the design and looking at shopping.

Lets start with the easy shopping. We have decided on a Liebherr fridge freezer (for now). We want separates like in the UK. That would be a 60cm fridge and a 60cm freezer. This doesn’t actually exist here – at least not in makes/manufacturers or sizes that we are willing to accept. Therefore we have basically 2 or 3 choices from Liebherr which has a 121cm fridge freezer which is created by connecting two separate units together. We particularly like this style as in the freezer there are many different drawers (8) which allows for the easy separation of different kinds of products. We also finally bought a replacement dish washer and combi microwave/oven. The dish washer is a 6 litre fully integrated bosch model. If we like it then we will buy another one for the new house. The microwave will probably be used for 6 months and then given to Adam’s mum for her new kitchen.

That’s the shopping. In the design front – we have made decisons on which windows we will be enlarging or moving (slightly). This is not as major as it sounds – there are quite a few windows which are a little small. We will be removing a single stone on the top of these windows and then we can have a larger window. This is relatively cheap and from a building cost perspective will only cost about 500NIS per window – plus the cost of more glass. We have also decided where the electricity box will go in the house (Close to where it is – but on the wall opposite), how we are going to build the barrier between the kitchen area and the sunken lounge (we will almost definitely be building up a unit incorporating a fish tank, book shelving and firewood storage) and the confirmation that we wish a shower in our en-suite rather than a bath.

Planning permission. The plans for our property did not arrive at the iriya engineering department this week and therefore we could not make any progress in this area. The plans have been re-ordered and they will hopefully be here for next early week.

Arnona discount. Adam had to go into the iriya finance department yesterday for a separate issue and so he asked if the discount on our arnona had been confirmed. He was told that the discount is given at the end after a second visit to prove that people are still not living within the property.

Bank. The bank has started taking out the mortgage from our account every month. It had to happen – but it is still a shame that we have both a mortgage and rent to pay.

We will update you guys more next week.

Adam & Joelle.