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Hi all,

Very little has changed – but the movement has become momentous.
What do I mean by this? We have close to finalised the wall plan, plumbing point plan, tile plans for floors (not walls) and furniture plans.
So, why did we suddenly close so much so quickly? Our designer received a call from Yaniv (the contractor) saying that he has 2 weeks free from Tuesday as work has been delayed on a different site due to lack of planning permission. The question was – do we wish to use this down-time that he has. We said yes as we had already basically agreed on the wall plan – but we just had to finalise it.
So, the plans are now going through the final checks – and Yaniv has them to be able to give us an accurate quotation. We will probably be starting on either Tuesday or Wednesday. A saving of 2 weeks at the end is to our advantage. We are still not planning on doing the major work until August 6th.

What else has changed? Tamar (and Adam separately) went to the Iriya to discuss Ishurim (planning permission). Most of what we wish to do is fine and will not be a problem – we just need to provide diagrams and confirmation that structural integrity will be fine from a buildings engineer. The Iriya will not allow us to dig down to enlarge my mother’s garden area as it will open up too much of the basement. Basements are supposed to be underground! We can therefore not significantly enlarge the window in Mum’s lounge – but will enlarge the French doors instead.
We have also been told that we can add a garage door (as long as it is possible to see through part of it – to prove that the area behind is not being used as a rental apartment) and that we can create (what is called here) an English window to allow ventilation and light in the basement storage room.

Shopping – The dishwasher and microwave arrived and the dishwasher will hopefully be plumbed in tomorrow. As an aside, the installation/insurance company is insisting that a trap is put on the waste pipe from the dishwasher. I will do it – but have to say that it is a total waste of time as there is no way that water will be left in the trap as both the dishwasher and washing machine pumps water into the pipe. The pumped water will create a self siphonage effect pulling the water out of the trap and rendering the trap ineffective at catching the smells coming out of the sewage (the only use of a trap).

Will update once the work starts (or doesn’t) next week.

Adam & Joelle.