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After a few weeks of house related down time, we have now started jogging again. Tamar though appears to be running at full sprint!

OK. So, what have we done. Lets start with the shopping. We went back to Sharoni and confirmed the whole order (less tile quantities – which needs Tamar to calculate). We have paid for the bathroom and plumbing fixtures. As an aside, today we decided (after very appropriate prompting) that a bath in the basement will be more sensible than a shower and so Tamar was arranging to change that part of the order. Whilst in the shop we changed the tiles we were using in the basement and improved the quality of the tiles that we are using in the kids’ bedrooms.
We also finalised the Caesar stone that we are using in the kitchen and started looking at backsplashes. We used Caesar stone as it is cheaper and in our opinion fits our requirements better than the equivalent granite.

Fish tank – We have confirmed that we are going with Uri for the fish tank. He came to the house and we have finalised the placement of the sump (secondary tank that we are using as an external filter) in the garden. The inside tank has been increased to 165cm but it is still 150cm of visible tank. The extra 15cm is to be used as a hidden pre-filter. Uri also spoke in detail with Yaniv and Tamar about the requirements and work that is required from his perspective. We will be paying the initial deposit for the aquarium on Sunday.

Contractor – As you may have already surmised, Yaniv is back from holiday. His workers have also completed the walls. Yaniv met with me, Tamar, Uri and the gardener to discuss requirements. We have already discussed the tank and we will discuss the other areas below. Although we have started work (and paid lots of money) we do not yet have a contract. This was quite lucky in the end due to the large number of changes we have ended up making. We will be getting a contract to confirm and then sign next week.

Doors – Over a week ago Hermetix had created an example inside door for us. I went to see it during the week. It was ok – but I preferred it upside down (with the larger panel at the top). I also saw an alternative inside door that I liked more. We do not yet know which door we are going to follow. The reason is that there are two ways to make the doors. One is with a single facia that is attached to the door – and the other is to add decoration to the door itself. The latter runs the risk (if painted) of the paint cracking as the different pieces of wood may expand by different amounts. We are waiting to find out if the second design is a single piece or has the “design” added on to it. Once we know we will confirm and pay for the order. Hermetix are also looking into the best way to add hooks to the interior doors so that we have somewhere to hang bathrobes.

Design – I do not know where to start here. Tamar has been working (or at least it feels that she has been working) solidly on our project for the last two weeks. I know this is not the case – but the amount of work that she has done is unbelievable. She has completed the designs of most of the carpentry. This included the barrier between lounge and the kitchen area where we are going to have the aquarium, drinks bar and wood storage. There is a unit over the piano which is going to be used for the lounge air conditioning. There is a big unit in the dining area for storage of cutlery/crockery and also the air conditioning units. There will also be another unit made from plaster above the breakfast bar which will be used for lighting and air conditioning in the kitchen. She has also designed the bedroom cupboards, beds (at least our oldest son’s) and other storage areas. She has also completed the plumbing and electric plans. We are going to have a meeting with Tamar soon to look through all this work and confirm/make changes as required.

Basement – The kitchen was moved back to the other side as it doesn’t need to be so large anymore. We have changed the shower for a bath and removed the very large extra cupboard in the bathroom. We have also changed the area for the washing machine/dryer so that they will be stacked and this allows the living area to be a little more open.

Garden. We finally got a gardener in. Our trees are close to dying due to lack of water (there is no water in the property) and so Yaniv has said that his workers will start watering them for us. We have split the garden into two tasks. The first is demolition and the second will be the recreation of the garden how we wish it to be. We will be flattening one area and making it into a play area for the kids. The floor will be either like a basketball court (very small though) or will have synthetic grass. This area will be surrounded by a net and will have a basketball hoop in it. Between this area and the neighbours will be a fence of trees to give them some privacy and sound proofing!. We are going to change the front fence and add an electric gate which we will be able to open from within the house. We are going to remove plants that we do not wish to keep and just keep the existing fruit trees. In the social area we are going to have a couple of 40cm corner planters and they will be filled with wisteria or other fast growing climbing plants and will be used to create privacy between us and our neighbours. We also discussed the decking and new stairs and other areas of the garden. The gardener will also design and install the watering system. Due to Shmitta any planting that we need to do must be completed by the middle of September at the latest otherwise we will need to wait another year.

That’s enough for a single week. Chat soon,

Adam & Joelle