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Hi all,

I thought I would take a break from the detailed listing of all that we are doing and put the financial costs of this project down in a way that would be beneficial to you. I am obviously not going to tell you my exact costs – but I am going to break down each section into a percentage of the whole – and also calculate the cost of each section if the project cost 500,000NIS. This is not the cost – but it is a convenient number to work with!.

Before we get down to the nitty and gritty details there are a few points to notice:

  • The cost of the Interior Designer probably brought our shopping costs down by close to the amount we paid for her work. She also got us good prices and appropriate suppliers for all parts of the project (so far). On top of that we couldn’t have done the work without her expertise
  • We have some things on our list that you will think are pure luxury. But conversely we will have the same thoughts about your list
  • I have only included items that I have prices for. I have put a list of unpriced items at the end of this article
  • Remember that all preparation work is done by the contractor. So an example here would be that the total cost of the aquarium could actually be double the percentage written down – but the additional costs have been eaten by the contractor’s fee
  • Where there is an (*) by the side of an item this is an estimated price. It means that we do not yet have a contract agreed as of the time of print.
  • The quality of the items that we purchased are not the most expensive options – but we definitely didn’t go looking for cheapest options. We looked for what we liked and then made our decision based on what gave us the best value for money. We did not look at prices before making our short list
  • I have almost definitely left something off the list of items to still be purchased. I am only human – but I will repeat this post when we move into the house and make sure that everything is included

Here is the expenses list…

… Are you ready for it?

Expense % of whole cost If 500,000NIS spent on project so far
Contractor/Kablan (including Garden Demolition, excluding interior demolition) 55.91 280,000.00
Tiles (*) 11.86 60,000.00
Air conditioning 6.51 32,500.00
Designer Costs (including Measuring) 6.37 31,500.00
House Demolition 5.08 25,000.00
Dudim + Underfloor Heating (plumbing done by kablan) 3.19 15,000.00
Doors 2.91 15,000.00
Plumbing Fixtures 2.37 11,500.00
Integrated Music (*) 1.69 8,500.00
Alarm (*) 1.22 6,000.00
Aquarium 0.81 4,000.00
Garden Floral Cleanup/Demolition 0.75 3,750.00
Structural Engineer 0.51 2,500.00
Video Intercom for front gate (*) 0.47 2,500.00
Camera System (4) to supplement Alarm (*) 0.34 1,500.00

The items that I have not included are:

BBQ, smoker and outdoor dining(outdoor entertainment)
Bedroom/office furniture
Garden fencing
Garden irrigation system plus planting
Garden landscaping
Kitchen costs
Other surface and finishing materials (Caesar Stone)
Outdoor play equipment
Playroom equipment
Sofas & tables plus other furniture

As an aside, I have updated the Support Page with all our confirmed suppliers.
Hope this post is useful for you.

Adam & Joelle.