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In some ways we have moved ahead in leaps and bounds over the last week. In others we have hardly moved at all. I will start with the positive and then continue with the slower areas of the project.

Garden – this has now been (almost) completely cleaned. There is still one small bed which needs to be removed but that is a very small amount of work. We have decided that in our section of the garden (outside the main bedroom) we are going to place a water feature which will be some kind of waterfall down the rocks at the back of the garden and will end in a small pool. We have the following two open points in the garden at the moment:

  • One of our neighbours is not happy that we are planning to separate our area from theirs by a floral fence. We have not worked out why (they feel it will be more work for them I think) and we need to come to some agreement. They appear to want us to do a stone wall which we feel is really ugly and having a UK background just feels wrong.
  • The gardener wants to use synthetic grass on the area where we want to use as an eating and social area – but I do not like this option. I hate it even more after this week when I got an 8 inch burn on my leg from synthetic grass when playing football (soccer). I do not want to torture my kids – so why would I put a material which will burn them in an area where they will play.

Planning Permission/Windows – the structural engineer finished the plans and got them into the Iriya (council) on Monday or Tuesday last week. We will hopefully have planning permission for the windows within the next month.

Lighting – we started looking into the lighting and have managed to select most of the subtle lighting that we are planning on using. We have not even started looking at any lighting that we will be using as a design feature or focal point. We couldn’t even find a wall light that we wish to use on the walls in the main bathroom.

Shopping and AMEX – I took an American Express card so that I could get the reward points, but they gave me such a low limit that the card might as well have been put in the bin! I finally managed to get in touch with a manager and have had the card limit raised to a reasonable amount (more than I need for every day) plus approval for a single large purchase of all the tiles for the property. With that info in hand, I have now bought:

  • Oven, hood and toe kick
  • Fridge/freezer for the new house and a new freezer for now to help with yom tov and shmitta
  • Alarm system deposit
  • Tiles and doors (or will have paid for this by the end of today – they were also 20% less than expected)

Other Shopping – Our washing machine died on Friday. We spoke to a friend whose job is large electrical repairs and he basically said the cost of repair is more than the current worth of the machine – get a new one. This means that I am going to buy a new machine today and try to get it delivered with the freezer.

And now for the slow down.

Plumbing – There is no obvious large changes in the plumbing as of a week ago. There are a few more pipes connected in the kitchen – but that is all.

Electricity – At the beginning of this week the electrician went off work (at a different site) sick. Therefore he did not start when expected. He was at the house mid-week and had a look at the plans, but does not have appeared to have actually started the work. I have been told thought that due to our air conditioning unit we will need to have 3 phase electricity.

That’s all for now,

Adam & Joelle