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Over the last week I cannot put my finger on any exact major accomplishment, but lots of work and lots of decisions were made. Have a look below and see if you can come up with a better title for this post than I have.

Planning Permission – The structural engineer finally sent the plans to Tamar who upon review found some mistakes. These were corrected and sent back to the Iriah. I was also told that there were a few changes to the house that were done without planning permission (so Israeli!) so in one place we are requesting a new door rather than enlarging a door where the door already exists!

Garden – This has now been completely cleaned up except for two small exceptions (the removal of both a single light fitting and a single flower bed (with very young trees in it). They have also removed all the old cement and tiles around the front door so that we can start this afresh.
We have probably decided on using a specialised and decorative concrete in certain areas in the garden instead of synthetic grass. As said before synthetic grass does not work for us – and being in the desert maintaining real grass is just a waste of money and resources for no real benefit (these are not play areas for the kids). The reason we are probably (rather than definitely) going with this solution is that it looks very nice in pictures – but we need to physically see it before committing ourselves to this solution.
The neighbour’s fence issues – we have decided (without discussing it with them) that we are going to put up a bamboo fence for them to see – and then put a net over our side of the bamboo and climb flowers over this. We really have to decide which climbers we are using, the main competitors at the moments are passion fruit (passiflora) and honeysuckle. The honeysuckle will grow slower (therefore probably easier to maintain, smell nicer and attract more bees, butterflies and other insects. The passiflora will grow very fast (complete walls in a year), does not have as nice a fragrance and produces a fruit that we generally do not eat (I will juice it to use as added flavour to water, juices, smoothies – or as ice cubes).

Electrics – The basement cables and back boxes have all been installed now. The electrician is starting on the main floor now.

Plumbing – The hot water and underfloor heating will be started on Sunday! The price for this has risen as we have changed from a standard heat pump to a heat pump with Inverter. The heat pump is from an American company called Spectrum.

Air conditioning – The units we took were slightly incorrect (a misunderstanding over which number represented which dimension) and there was a meeting between the aircon guy and Tamar to close all these little issues. I assume it has been done – and am waiting to hear confirmation.

Aquarium – The pipes between (the currently non-existent) aquarium tanks have been installed. This installation is now on a back burner until enough has been installed so that the tank will not be damaged during the work.

Basement (Tiles and Mamad) – All the tiles for the basement were delivered and will be installed soon (I think it will be the beginning of next week). I have been told that there will be a very quick and obvious “feeling” of nearing completion once the tiles are there.
We have been asked whether or not to change the mamad door. There is no requirement to do so – but the newer door will be easier to close and is much better at stopping air flowing around it. We have to decide whether to spend 3,500NIS on this door tonight!

That’s all for now. Until next week,

Adam & Joelle.