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Hi all,

As you all know – this week was only 3 days long due to Rosh Hashona, therefore not very much has really happened.

The builder had started laying the tiles in the basement. The main area may even be finished by now as I have not been to the house since Tuesday evening.
The wood “tiles” which we had originally ordered was 20cm wide. We were told that these weren’t in the country and so changed the order to the 30cm tiles which we did not really like. We received a phone call saying that the 20cm tiles could be in within 3-4 weeks. With all the chagim coming up this is actually not too long a time and the kablan has agreed to wait for the tiles to arrive. So we changed our order back to the 20cm tiles.

We are also waiting for the underfloor heating and the hot water tanks to be installed. The hot water expert hired through the Kablan has installed the main pipes and will be finishing the pipe work before Sukkot.

I also started looking for a garden composter to use for kitchen scraps over shmitta. I looked in many places and no-one sells them – not even the Botanical Gardens Garden Centre. I was told about an organisation that sells you one at cost called Achvat Keren but I cannot find their details. I am going to have to use a temporary solution (a cardboard box) for now and make one myself – they aren’t that difficult I just need to find the correct components.

Now for the two issues we had last week.
The first caused by the gardener. I do not understand how, when or why but supposedly our gardener knocked over our neighbour’s washing line. She complained to the builders who spoke to their boss (Yaniv). He spoke to the gardener and to me. The gardener promised to fix it this (Sunday) morning when he was back in Ma’ale Adumim as he was away for chag. On Tuesday night I got a phone call from the neighbour and she complained to me. I told her that I would see what I could do. I spoke to the gardener and he told me that he had already told our neighbour that he would see to it after the weekend. I then phoned the neighbour back and said that it would be fixed on Sunday – but in the meantime does she want our clothes drying rack? She said yes please – but in the morning. I went the following morning to find that she had called her kids around at midnight and they had made a temporary fix and put the washing line back up (weakly). As this is the same neighbour that said she doesn’t want us to make a fence between us with flowers – but wants us to use large expensive stones (that we really do not like) we feel she might start to become a problem. Time will tell – she seemed nice to start with.

The second was caused by some nice (!#?) person that decided to turn on the main water to our house. This was done in the evening somewhere between 5 and 6 on Tuesday. We had a major water leak in the garden and every single “end-point” of the water system in the house leaked as well. I have no complaints that the connections in the house were not water tight – they were only there to stop dirt and dust from entering. I do have an issue that some idiot feels it is ok to play with water on private property, effectively stealing money (I have no idea how much water was wasted – but it was a lot) and wasting a natural resource that is in short supply in Israel.
Due to this selfish idiot – I turned off the water supply and removed the handles to turn the water back on, then spoke to the kablan who sent his plumber to us the following morning to correctly close of all water points so that if this was done again we wouldn’t have another leak.

That’s all for now,

Wishing you a Lshana Tova V’Ketivah VeChatima Tovah,

Adam & Joelle.