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Hi all,

We have not had much change over the last week or so due to two reasons. The first is the planning permission. Until we receive planning permission there is absolutely no point in pushing ahead as the Kablan will just leave and have to come back. So the kablan is working slowly. The second is the festivals. We had Rosh Hashona, You Kippur, Eid and now Sukkot – there have been very few actual work days. Saying that things are still going on slowly.

Basement – The basement tiling is almost complete. The whole main lounge/kitchen area, bathroom and 2 bedroom floors have all been tiled. Most of the bathroom walls have been tiled as well. I am not sure if the tiling has been completed in the Mamad as the door was locked (the kablan keeps pipes etc in there). The bathroom walls are almost completely tiled and the area around the toilet has been prepared with plasterboard walls. This will need tiling soon. A pipe from the dryer area has been added through the bathroom and preparations for the dropped ceiling (to hide the pipe) have also been completed.

Our En-suite Bathroom – The shower base has been installed.

Hot water – the main pipes to connect the hot water tanks to the water pipes have been installed. These are not SP (like the rest of the house) as none of the specialised hot water companies actually know how to use this technology.

Electricity – The electrician has been working industrially and has done a lot of the work in our bedroom suite and in the main area. He is the only person working over chol hamoed Sukkot

Fireplace – The kablan cleaned out the chimney and removed a blockage at the top that had been added to stop cold air entering the house.

Garden – We met with the gardener last week and confirmed what we are doing with the fences, watering system, planters and water feature. We have confirmed prices. He will build the planters before he goes on holiday (to Thailand for 3 weeks) and then do the rest once the builders will be finished in the garden area. We can’t plant anything in the garden until after Rosh Hashona next year. Our next task is to meet with the guy doing the garden flooring (mainly fancy concrete which looks like natural stone).

Garden Composter – we have finally found some composters made by Keter (who else) but nobody has them. We will be ordering one with our local Keter supplier in Mishor Adumim within the next week.

Planning permission – I left the most important thing to last. Our paperwork is with the Iriya and is ready to go to the planning committee (Va’ada) within two weeks of the end of Sukkot.

Chag Sameach to all,

Adam & Joelle.