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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow……

This last week was filled with mass hysteria because there was a snowstorm coming.
In fact Wednesday and Thursday the workers did not come (they told me in advance) and they are not coming today either.
Joelle and I both agree that the workers did not come due to the roads being closed. The issue is that the roads did not need to be closed at all! Joelle worked on Thursday and Friday in Ramot. Ramot is the entrance to Jerusalem for two of the main roads – the 1 and the 443. Both of which were closed (on and off) from Wednesday until Friday. In Ramot on Thursday there was no snow at all – the rain had already melted it (if there was any). On Friday it did snow whilst she was at work – but hardly even managed to settle at all. All this caused the country a major headache – the kids lots of fun as there was no school and parents a nightmare as they somehow found themselves losing 2 days of holiday from work which nobody can afford! And all of this over absolutely nothing.

Moan completed, it doesn’t actually affect us that much as the Kablan doesn’t have too much more to do before the windows are installed. So we have plenty of time. Let’s continue:

Windows : The windows have been built and are on the ship. They are expecting to be at the warehouse in Israel on the 20th February and we will be the first customer to have them installed. We should therefore have our windows completed just after the beginning of March.

Doors : Almost all measurements were taken and we are ready for the work to be started. There is one more measurement for the front door (The door measurement was not taken as some changes were needed in the work done by the Kablan)- and we need to decide on the final colour. The colour is possibly going to be linked to the railings as well. We will get there with this.

Outside Lights : We liked the outside lights that we looked at last week. We still prefer the smaller one – but understand that it will not give enough light. We will be mixing and matching the two sizes. The Kablan is happy that they will be safe outside even though they are not completely closed in. The electrics are impossible to reach by rain.

Railings : We have finalised on three different types of railings. One to be used inside (on the stairs), An open railing to be used outside in almost all areas and a single closed railing for one area between us and the basement area. Everything we chose is as simple (to look at – at least) as can be as we did not want anything that just “shouted” out to be looked at. The colours of most of this will be antique bronze. The stairs will have a wooden railing that is varnished an American Walnut colour.

Smoker/BBQ : We have found a bbq/smoker that we are thinking of buying from “Pits from JJ” but it is expensive to buy, ship and import. We have a couple of people (including the company making my railings) that will make a smoker to order. I have to decide what to do.

Wood : I continued chopping the wood – but somehow I managed to break the extremely hardy axe that I had bought. I will need to buy another one.

Mezzuzot : We have paid for our Mezzozot – and will be receiving them on Wednesday.

Carpentry : We have received quotes for our carpentry. We just have to confirm who is doing the work. Whoever we choose – this is an expensive part of the project!

Downstairs Kitchen : We still haven’t received the extra quotes for this kitchen.

Wardrobes : We have asked for a discount due to the extremely expensive fitting costs. We are waiting to hear back.

Natanel’s bed : We have seen something that is already made, we need to make time to go and have a look at it. The manufacturers/shop is somewhere near Yavne – I think.

Kablan : The kablan has completed plastering the main living area of the house. It looks good! He still has to smooth down some of the areas though. He has also continued with the spot lights. We have also chosen the final grout colour for the wooden floors.

Fireplace : We still haven’t collected the inside of the fireplace. Joelle will do it soon when she has a break from work.

Moldings : We ordered, paid for and received the moldings. They are currently in storage (in the loft) awaiting installation.

Shopping : We started looking at more depth into bar stools, sofas, coffee tables and dining tables. We will soon be ready to start some directed shopping from the on-line research that we have done.

We have a deadline of 29th March to be in the house (even if not fully completed) as that is when we have lots of friends staying for Pesach. We have no space for even one person in our small apartment that we are staying in at the moment! We are praying that we will make it.

That’s all for the last week.

Adam & Joelle.