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Hi all,

I was ready to create a new blog on Sunday night – but decided to postpone as lots was planned in the house yesterday. I will start with the stairs – so you can see our steps in the right direction:

Tiling/Stairs – The second flight of outside stairs plus the steps between the upper and lower outside areas by our lounge have been completed. The bulk of outside tiling has now been completed. The only tile work left are some of the edges (inside and out), fixing of damaged exterior house stone and the grouting. For some reason, they have also tiled the area under where the fish tank will be going.

Sanding – The walls have been sanded down and they are now working on the niches and the areas for the lights. There have been points when it is has been impossible to walk into the property with the amount of dust in the air. My car is constantly dirty with white footprints where the dust had stuck to my shoes.

Painting – Our kitchen area had its first coat of paint. The colour (a light grey almost greige) is fantastic. The inside of the kitchen windows have been painted white. They have also started to paint the ceiling in white.

Kitchen – The carpenter came and did measurements, made comments and discussed changes with us. He finalised the already finalised plans and has started working on the kitchen. Now that the final plans have been put in – the team measured out all the plugs and gas points and decided to move a few slightly to better fit the kitchen. As we changed the toe kick from 12cm to 10cm we cannot put a cleaning robot within the toe kick anymore and therefore we have cables for an electrical plug that is not required. The toe kick is lower as we want the surface to be slightly lower than normal. This may make a future issue with dishwashers as all integrated dishwashers are designed to work with a 12cm toe kick, there are some which will work with 10cm but possibly not all of them. It will be left for a time when it may be needed. The carpenter also measured out the doors that he would be making plus the bathroom vanity cabinets as these are the bits that need to go in before we move in (at the end of March).

Basement Kitchen – This has now been installed. It was done by a kitchen company as they are cheaper than a good carpenter. The quality looks good, but I am not happy that the doors are lining up well enough. We spoke to the company and they said that they will tweak them once the counter top is in. As we have not ordered the counter tops yet, I am not sure when that will be.

Wardrobes – The wardrobes were measured yesterday and they will be installed at the beginning of March.

Furniture – We have decided on a Century table and sofas. We are just waiting on a price for some ottomans that we need to have built to fit. We are also not sure of the exact amount of spare material we need to order as we wish to re-upholster our existing dining chairs and we are waiting for the upholstery person to quote for us. We will order this as soon as we have the information. We decided not to get the counter stools from the states as the prices were just astronomical.

Beds – Exact measurements were taken for our headboard. This will be installed with the bed just before we move in.

Fireplace – The fireplace company came back to re-paint the rusty metal. I am hoping that this will solve the problem. We will find out when we start using it.

Lights – I collected all the lights and they are now being stored in our rented flat (apartment) so that they do not get damaged.

Doors – We are still waiting for the sample internal door. It may be delayed slightly as I heard that the person dealing with our order has just got up from sitting shiva. I wish him a long, healthy life.

Electricity – We now have an invoice for the change to the electricity – it is expensive! I tried to pay it this morning, but was told that I couldn’t as it hadn’t been opened for payment yet. We are also moving the electricity box to the front wall so that the electricity company can easily access it to take readings.

Railings – The interior stairway railings have been completed – but they are not being installed yet to protect them.
Most of the outside railings have been started, but we have asked them to hold off for the meantime on the front railing as we are moving the electricity box there. We are also making a space for the dustbin (garbage bin) and therefore do not want to do these railings until we know exactly what this area will look like. The railings company (A.Y.L.) are going to be doing a door for the dustbin as well.

Hammock – The railings guy knows someone who builds external play areas. We have received a quote and have ordered this today. We have requested a sample of the colour options for the hammock itself.

Design – As in every week, Tamar is the glue that holds everything together, makes the decisions that we request from her and keeps everything moving in the correct direction. Tamar is also taking us shopping tomorrow for curtains and possibly counter stools as well.

That’s all for now, we will do some shopping (or browsing) for the house on Friday morning as neither of us are working and the kids are in school. It will either be for the counter stools or possibly we will start looking at the bedding.

Adam & Joelle.