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As you can gather from the title, we have been having fun with the electric company since the last blog. Other than that everything is moving forward slowly but steadily as planned. We specifically do not want to be rushing forward as the Kablan doesn’t like stopping in the middle of a job – nor does he want to leave the house empty without windows or doors.

Front wall – I will start with the front and move backwards from there. We have cut into the front wall and made a couple of concrete boxes. One of these is for the electricity box which and the other is for the bin (garbage can for those needing a translation 🙂 ). We had a discussion with the Kablan about the advantages and disadvantages of putting a cover on these boxes. The main advantages are that the kids can use the cover as a seat plus it stops people walking on the street using it as a dumping ground. The disadvantage is that we will have to leave the house to be able to throw out the rubbish. We pointed out to the Kablan that we were having metal railings over this area – so even without a cover we would have to leave the house anyway. We have a cover.

Electricity – We were told that we haven’t signed the document permitting the electricity company to do the work. They said that we had been sent it – but we couldn’t find it. So, they tried to send it to my fax – which didn’t accept it due to a transmission error. So they sent it again. After a week I hadn’t received it and so I called again. I was actually working from home so I arranged for it to be faxed to my work and a colleague scanned it in and emailed it to me. I printed it – and we hadn’t received it before. I took it to my Kablan to check everything and he couldn’t believe the price, so he directly called the engineer that did the site check to confirm there were no mistakes. The engineer noted that he had actually given us a large discount as the Kablan was doing some of the work for him. The price was unfortunately correct. We faxed the form – it wasn’t received. We emailed it – and I when I checked to confirm that it had arrived – I was informed that the address I was given was incorrect and to send it to the correct address. It was bounced back. I faxed it again – this time from work – and it failed again. I looked at the email that was bounced back and realised that I had a number incorrect. I sent it again but haven’t confirmed that it had arrived. I didn’t confirm as I was told that the amount I had to pay was so high that I could not do it over the phone – so I will be going to their offices to pay with the form in hand – just in case. That will be next week. We may get this moving soon, we can live with what we have as long as we do not need to heat up the whole house at the same time.

Doors – The sample door has still not arrived. We should be able to approve it towards the end of next week. They have confirmed installation of the front door for the 4th March and the interior doors on the 8th and 9th. Let’s see if they manage. I am not holding my breath – but we do need the front door in by the 8th at the latest.

Tiling – The outside stairs are basically finished. There are a few edging tiles which need to be replaced and as these edging tiles have been cut at an angle to follow the wall the kablan has ordered some 33cm tiles so that the tiles abutting the edge tiles line up correctly.

Handles – We confirmed, ordered and (just) collected our handles for our kitchen. As we struggled so much to find handles that we liked, we took the same handles for the vanity in the en-suite bathroom which is the only other place that we need handles.

Kitchen – After many calls and discussions between us, Tamar and Dany (the carpenter) the kitchen is almost completed. It will be installed on Wednesday. The carpenter has found a metal grill which can be painted white to put above the fridge and freezer which will look better than a big gap or a wooden trellis style cover.

Downstairs Kitchen – It was noticed that the high triple cupboard was made 7cm too wide. Tamar contacted the Kitchen company and they said they would shrink one cupboard to make it fit. Tamar refused saying it would look silly. They are now fixing the whole thing.

Kitchen Counters (shayish) – The shayish for the downstairs kitchen will be installed after the upstairs kitchen is completed so that the company providing the Caesar stone can correctly measure the upstairs kitchen for our counter tops at the same time.

Plumbing – We have ordered from the States a 220V waste disposal unit. It comes out with shipping and tax a little cheaper than the pre-tax price here. If bought here we would also have to pay for installation, but we are assuming that it will be installed by the Kablan now as part of his plumbing costs. If not – I will do it!

Paint – The ceilings are now looking good and first coats are going up on the walls. As they are doing 5 coats of paint I have no idea how much they have completed.

Hammock – We selected the natural rope (rather that a crass colour from a plastic cover on the rope) with black connectors used to hold it altogether. The rail to hold the hammock on the wall has been installed and needs to be painted. We think it is going to be black.

Network – It was suddenly noticed that all the cables for our hard-wired network came out in a small cupboard that was too small for a network hub. So we have devised a method to move the connectors over to our cloakroom cupboard and we will put the hub there instead. This has required a little shaping of the entrance and may require us to install an extra mezuza.

Furniture – We have ordered our sofas, ottoman and dining table. We still have to add the extra material and also a couple more ottomans that need to be made to measure. We have bought a couple of antique chairs that will be stained to match the walnut and will be re-uphostered with the same material as the sofa. These will be sitting in the corner of the lounge. We have found counter (bar) stools but have not ordered these yet as we are waiting for sample patches of material so that we can match them to the other furniture in the immediate vicinity.

Curtains – We met with Tamar in the curtain suppliers. We have made decisions of which style curtains/blinds we want in all of our windows. We selected a few fabrics and this is now on hold until the windows have been installed – hopefully the beginning of March.

That’s it for now. We will update you in another ten days or so.

Shabbat Shalom,

Adam & Joelle