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Yes, Hermetix. Need I say more?

Let’s leave our least favorite company for now and just say that overall the house is really coming together. It looks absolutely fantastic and should look even better towards the end of the week.

Electricity box – The new box has been installed by the electricity company. The old one needs to be removed to make space for the bin. The change to 63x3Amps has been done up to the box – but has not been done into the house yet. This should be done within the next month.

Concrete – the concrete company came today and started cutting up the concrete. We had no idea they were doing this at all – so when we asked why they explained that they did this to stop it from cracking due to heat expansion plus ground movement. The have put in several fine cuts making large rectangles which look ok as they kept the width of the cuts very small. They also put a lacquer over the concrete to protect it. This took 3 hours to dry – and was done in the garage just before our renters came to the house. Their normal route into the house would be over this concrete. Instead we told them to go through our house and into their area. As you can tell there is a route between our house and the rental basement. This has been done on purpose as when we sell the house (not the plan for a very long time) there has to be the ability to get to all parts of the house otherwise the government purchase/selling tax is done as two properties which is much more expensive.

Basement – The tenants moved their things in on the day that they wished – and have been slowly cleaning their stuff up before moving in. This was mainly because the bathroom vanity was only installed on Sunday or Monday. It all looks really good and they seem happy.

On to the main house:

Doors – Some of the interior doors were installed but 3 or 4 of them were damaged during transit. Although, we were told that they were painted in an incorrect colour. We have been told that they will be installed in three weeks but our interior designer has been told they will almost definitely be installed this Thursday – Sunday at worst. We will see.

Windows – These were finished now except for painting the wooden doors. The painting is to be done in about a month as the painter is really busy prior to Pesach. A warning to the English buyers here. Israeli law is different to the UK. Here (and in the States) it is illegal to have key locks on the inside of doors and windows. We did not know this and it has caused us some trouble (understatement of the year) but we will hopefully be able to sort out our security issues to our satisfaction and for the safety of our kids.

Alarm – A lot more of the alarm and the video cameras have been installed. We have been getting lots of phone calls asking if we want specific extras (remote to turn off certain sensors when the gardener arrives, sms card to send us messages if the alarm goes off, etc). The alarm people installed their boxes where we are putting a cloak cupboard. This was the plan. They just placed them so high that the carpenter will not be able to install the cupboard. They will be dropped.

Smoke Alarms – These have been installed. We hope that the smoke alarm in the rental apartment does not go off when we are not around as they will set off our alarm system (the smoke alarms are connected to our house alarm to make sure that we really hear it!)

Stair Railings – These have been secured now and cleaned up a bit. They still need finishing and to have the wooden rail put on top.

Electricity / Lights – Most of the lights have now been installed both inside and out. One of the outside lights was damaged. I am not sure if we will be able to get this one replaced or not. They may blame it on us. We do not think it was our fault – but cannot prove it either way.

Light switches – We noticed that the light switches in the upstairs hall have been done in a strange way which we hope can be fixed easily.

Hot Water – The collectors have been installed and everything is now up and running with the exception of the electricity connections. They were not ready when the plumber came.

Gas – All interior pipes were installed and the renters have their gas canisters. We will get our gas canisters next week after a formal test once our oven has been installed.

Air con – This is almost finished. We have a Toshiba system that is actually sold here by Tadiran. Tadiran are coming tomorrow to start the system and check that everything is installed and working correctly so that they can give a proper warranty. This is not normal on small systems – but we installed a “small office” system as it is much better and the prices had recently dropped enough to make it a viable option.

Kitchen – Where to start. Let’s start with the bad. The phrase “In the middle of the two sinks” is different in English and American. To me it means between the sinks. In American it means the central point from the two extreme sides. This caused the tap to be put in a place that I would not have chosen. In fact the tap does not even reach one on the sinks now (There is a large and a small sink together – not two the same size). I dislike this enough that we are going to move the tap – but we will be left with a hole in the counter top. The only cost-effective solution is to add a soap dispenser. I do not want this either – but I have no other choice if I wish to use the sink. On top of this, the plumber has used normal waste connections (including the trap) for the small sink – but we bought a waste disposal unit for here – so this needs to be changed. The last kitchen comment is that all the electrical kitchen goods are being delivered tomorrow and that the carpenter is coming to finish the kitchen on Thursday.

Carpentry – The carpenter has been jumping in and out of the house taking measurements. He will be installing our next main requirements on the 23rd March the day before we move in. This includes the cloak cabinet and some of the other living area units (We think).

Sofa Bed – The sofa bed has been built unbelievably quickly and will be delivered on Sunday. Two weeks instead of four with Pesach just round the corner. This is amazing as we now have enough beds and mattresses to put up our 6 Pesach guests. If we do have more than 6 people we will have to use blow up beds or borrow mattresses to put on the floor.

Cleaning – This was started today and will be finished tomorrow. The place already looked much better this afternoon.

Moving date – This has changed. We were planning on moving in on Thursday – but this has now been brought forward to Tuesday as it was easier for the moving company. We just have an extra two days of keeping the house clean for Pesach. Not the end of the world as we know it. Time for lots of felafel and pizza in the local parks!

Although we are moving in on the 24th there will be lots more “finishing” tasks to do which will take up to a month (especially with both Pesach and the carpentry).

That’s all for now – update next week.

Adam & Joelle