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So – this blog is being written while sitting on our new duvet covers on our new bed after having a shower in our new bathroom in the new house which we moved into 2 days ago…

We are pretty tired after a very busy few days but thought we should write a quick update…it is in no particular order

Kitchen – finished except for moldings and dishwasher fronts. Kitchen tap has been moved, we will install a soap dispenser.

Doors  – getting there but still not completed – final interior door is hopefully being installed tomorrow. Hermetix also need to finish the door frames and give us properly mastered locks.

Bedroom cupboards – installed – although Natanel’s needs finishing and ours needs some adjustments and changes – hopefully tomorrow. Ya’akov is really enjoying his cupboard doors that he can draw on with whiteboard markers (the doors are white glass basically making a very large whiteboard)

Gas – our canisters arrived – oven installed and working well. Hob is great.

Old electricity box – removed – bin put in correct place.

Dishwashers, fridge and freezer, washing machine and dryer  – installed.

Air con – finished but we need a lesson on how to use it.

Bathrooms basically finished – accessories and some light fittings need installing. Cables for heaters which we didn’t want have been removed.

Entry coat closet and cupboard in upstairs hall – installed. Other carpentry work is continuing.

Sofabed – delivered.

Outside railings – have been measured.

Hammock – not ready for another 3 weeks – not what we planned but we will deal with it

Natanel’s bed – ladder was put on wrong side – waiting for replacement. He is currently sleeping on a mattress in the spare room.

Our bed and headboard – installed, looks lovely but not 100% correct – needs to be fixed.

Curtains and blinds – materials chosen and windows spaces measured

Hot water – connected but getting some yellow water once in every tap. If this continues we will look into it. The contractor is already aware that this may be a problem – and he agrees. The system works really well. The copper makes the water very hot extremely quickly even on these cool spring days. We also get instant hot water rather than having a 10 second wait as is normal in Israel.

Internet and telephone – connected but we were advised to change the telephone cable as it was old and now our phone isn’t accepting calls and the renters have no internet.

Outside – basically finished

so we have:

Windows, doors, kitchen, bathrooms, electricity, lights, internet (house telephone not working at the moment) water, gas, beds, cupboards…what more do we need?

So far, the most commented on part of the house has been the windows. This could be as they are visible from outside but we are having 10+ people a week (including strangers) saying how nice they are. We have even been asked for Andersen’s contact details.

Kablan will be sorting out all the finishing touches but main workers finished today.
Finally we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…

Bye for now – it is late and the clocks are moving forward here tonight.

Adam and Joelle