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We haven’t written much because there is not much to write. Our Kablan has left and will return in about 2 months once we have found all the issues. he will then fix these issues and we will then pay the last 7% or so of his money.
We have just been busy with upgrades.
As almost always, I will start in the most important room of the house.

Kitchen – We had problems with the main cookbook bookshelf. It kept leaning forwards. It has been fixed (in different ways) twice now and Danny has finally appeared to have solved the issue. He didn’t complain at all – he just became more “aggressive” in the fixings and fixing points that he used. He reckons with the current fixings that the shelf could hold around 180kg. We are not going to try this!
The microwave shelf has now been fixed and the microwave is in its planned place.
The food disposal unit is hopefully going to be fixed this week.
The robotic vacuum cleaner (i-robot Roomba) is stored underneath the pantry cupboard and is doing a great job with cleaning dropped food from the kids. We were originally having trouble with getting the robot to enter the area by the breakfast bar – but have managed it by playing with the “virtual wall” which comes with the unit.

Baseboards / Skirting board / “Panellim” – Most of these were put in by the Kablan. They will be finished once everything else as been completed. If I need to name this in a different language – please let me know 🙂

Hermetix Doors – We are still waiting on Hermetix to fix the problems that we have with these doors.

Carpentry – The Delkoub cupboard that we have has a back piece of wood (very thin) coming away from the actual cupboard. This is because we used the plug socket which is behind the cupboard. This part of the cupboard was poorly measured by Delkoub – they should have made this one drawer slightly shorter.
– Danny has been working hard on our other carpentry work. We now have a harmonica door to our walk-in wardrobe as well as a very narrow bedroom linen cupboard and matching bedside tables. We also have wooden shelves just to finish off the niche surfaces.
In the lounge, we have a couple of drawers in niches that have been designed to be topped with cushions and to be used as extra seating. We also have a wooden shelf in the niche over the piano.
The boys’ bathroom now has a harmonica door to separate the bathroom area from the laundry area. We also have a new cupboard and shelves in the laundry area.
The aquarium area still needs a few questions answered before it can be built. The attic units and bookcase on the stairs are now being built.

Boys bathroom – the towel rail has now been replaced and put up (by me). It is a little loose as the person that put in the holes damaged the tiles and fixed it with silicone sealant which moves. We have the same issue with the toilet roll holder. These will need to be fixed.

Playroom – The net has now been installed and can comfortably hold 5 adults. There were 6 kids playing on it today.
We enjoyed laying on it for a rest before Shabbat as well.

Music system. This was fully connected and was working, but has stopped again. We think it is because the video cameras are using the same IP address as one of the stereo pieces. This will be fixed soon, due to Omer and Aveilut we are not too worried about this at the moment.

The Electrician came a couple of weeks back and fixed things that weren’t working. Took the guest light off the Shabbat time-switch and fixed a few other small bits and pieces. He will need to come back – but this was known and planned.

Aquarium – The aquarium guy came but could not bring any fish with as there was a parasitic infection at the suppliers he went to. We are getting some fish towards the end of the week. When he came, he brought us a new pump for the outside pond (with UV filter) which really cleaned up the dirty water very quickly.

Water Damage – We got a call from the tenants after the heavy rainfall (Rainfall in an Israeli desert in the middle of April – G-d was obviously being nice to us and showing an issue while the Kablan was still around!). It ended up being caused by the heating engineer having removed (and not replaced) a part around the pipe entrance through the roof which was designed to stop any water entering. This has been fixed now and we are waiting for the water damage to dry before having it fixed (on the Kablan’s bill of course – not sure if he will charge this to the company that did the hot water installations).

Railings – The outside railings, gate and a few window security bars (for the renters – we are using an alarm instead) have now also been installed. The house is finally safer from vertical drops!

A/C – The panel that runs the unit in Natanel’s room keeps going blank when we try to set it using the time-switch…we will contact Kobi and hopefully get it sorted out quickly.

That’s it for now. We haven’t quite finished, but the house is definitely nice to live in now. We have had people staying with us and guests every single Shabbat since we moved in. It is great to feel happy enough with where we live to invite people again.