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Two months on – and we still haven’t finished, but we are moving in the right direction (but only on Tuesdays when Adam works at home). One day the tortoise will overtake the hare and we will have completed everything. Then it will be time to paint again ….

Kablan – The Kablan actually returned to fix some small electrical preferences, clean up the rain damage (but not yet fix it) in the rental and to do some general finishing and cleaning. He has more to do – but he is getting there slowly.

Dining room light – On Shabbat we had moved the plastic tables (see later) from under the light and put them in the lounge as we needed some more space than was available in the dining area. Our very tall nephew who was staying with us accidentally knocked into the light whilst playing with the boys – and it fell. The light not the nephew! Luckily the wire connection was strong enough to stop the light becoming gravitationally introduced to the floor in a destructive manner. The electrician actually came by within 12 hours of me telling the Kablan what had happened and put it back in a position that is not quite correct – but we can get that fixed later. Crisis averted and saved by the wire.

Kitchen – The food disposal unit was actually installed correctly – but a rubber washer was in the plug hole which was stopping the protective cover/key from engaging and starting the system working! It has now been “fixed” – for a fee of course. But the install guy was nice, fixed a few small things that should have been done slightly differently and has also given us a contact for someone that can fix it if we have issues in the future.

Doors – Hermetix still need to get back to us about their issues.

Blinds and Curtains – Most of the blinds and curtains have now been installed. One was made incorrectly and would not have allowed the external door (it covered) to open – this was taken back to be replaced. Our lounge is also missing two curtains – which was actually quite good as after the curtains were measured we had some fitted drawers/seats installed in niches that will affect two of the curtain lengths. We are waiting for them to come back and re-measure.

Carpentry – The toy storage and shelving in the attic has been finished – and is (very) slowly being filled (and emptied again by the kids). Our main bookshelves were installed. After we put in the books, we decided that we really needed some extra shelves and so Danny put in some more holes. We will get 3 or 4 more shelves in a week or so to accommodate these new holes.
The electricity box now looks like a cupboard which is a lot better than it was and a click on the Harmonica door to our wardrobe has been fixed by replacing the noisy hinge.
The aquarium/bar unit – This is almost a topic on its own. It has now been almost finished (it needs some tape to be removed tomorrow and some tiles to be added as a panel at the bottom). It looks really great – and not too complex on the outside, but Danny told us that this was a very complex piece of work – so much so that he was actually worried about it until it had been completely installed. He is very proud of it.

Aquarium – We now have 14 fish. 10 yellow ones that seem to like escaping through the water pipes to the outside tank plus 4 fairly rare strawberry albino cichlids. We desperately need a “cleaning” fish to get rid of the algae on the wall of the tank.

Air Conditioning – The issue with Natanel’s control panel was actually an electrical problem that has since been fixed. We have two other issues – one is balance in the main area where the lounge area is not as cool as the kitchen/dining area and the second is that we can’t get our heads around the timer function (for Shabbat). We will call the Air Conditioning guy soon to get some advice.

Music System – Kobi came back and did some cleaning up of the wires. He still has another visit to make.

Sofa and Table – These finally came today. The sofas had some dirt on it which the seller cleaned off but left a water (or soap) stain on it. He is going to get it professionally cleaned before we pay for it. This material is supposed to be easily cleanable – if you follow the instructions. The instructions in fact weren’t followed to the letter!

Table continued – We have tried to contact someone to create some custom pads. We are waiting for her to respond to our query. It is really nice not to be using plastic tables as our only eating option. The next project is re-upholstering and staining the chairs and the piano. The chairs are being collected in a week and most of the piano (all removable parts) will be taken either on the same day – or a week later. We had to wait this long as the material arrived with the furniture. Talking of material – we are now having some cushions made to sit on the drawer/bench units in the lounge that were built for us by Danny.

Windows – The doors now have key locks on them and Baruch from Andersen came to take photos for his website. He is also looking to see if he can arrange to bring over the smoker that I want from the States. I am awaiting this with baited breath whilst Joelle is hoping that he can’t to save us some money – although she never complains when eating the smoked ribs, brisket, chicken etc!

That’s it for now.

Adam and Joelle.