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So – another month has passed and what’s new with the house?
We are making progress slowly but surely.

Yaniv has been here once more to continue finishing jobs – there are still a few last things that need doing but he has told us that he has a big job on now and is not going to be available till October. He is still owed the last installment of money and he has not asked for it!

The LED lighting in the kitchen, dining room, lounge area and master bedroom have been installed, and looks great.

Metalwork – Lior came and fixed the movement in one of the points of the netting over the play room. There is now a big hole which needs to be filled in (hopefully before October). We are waiting for him to put a plate up to hold the interior keypad for the front gate.

The curtain company came to put up the curtains that weren’t done the first time. The blind on the door to the outside balcony is fine. The curtains by the window over the fitted drawers are too long – although we told the company that there would be cushions on these seats….so the curtains need to be shortened…the cushions were made from the same material as the sofas and look great.

The sofas have been cleaned (and made dirty again since by the kids) and are now the same height, which we are pleased about. It was relatively simple to fix in the end.

Piano has been stained, piano stool has been re-covered, both look great.
We have 2 French antique chairs in the lounge that have been stained and covered to match everything else, we know it is a crime to manipulate antiques, but they are really comfortable and look perfect. It also came out relatively cheap even with the staining and re-upholstering, compared to other equivalent options.
Chairs have been stained and re-upholstered – they look FANTASTIC!!!
We also bought a couple of beanbags and beanbag chairs for the loft play area, and both kids immediately took a beanbag for their room.

We had a leak in the small pond/water feature that has been fixed by the gardener. We need to fill it up and check it is ok and not leaking anymore.

Alarm is now basically fully up and running and we are linked to the call centre who if necessary can contact the local police.

Carpentry – Danny put the glass in the dining room unit, the mirror in our bedroom and we now have a few more shelves for the bookcase. He actually overcharged us accidentally but immediately accepted his error and very quickly paid us back the difference.

Doors – still no progress with Hermetix – what a surprise!

A/C – we now know how to used the timer. The balance seems to be a bit better.

The music/multimedia system is now fully up and running. We are looking to use a provider such as Netflix for streaming and downloading films, but are worried that the changes to TV settings will affect the stereo system. We have sent Kobi an email and are waiting to hear back from him.

Two areas where we have had issues have been the heating system and the aquarium…

There seems to be a problem with the motherboard of the heating air-pump (note this was brand new and not been used!!!) We were not impressed. The card is being replaced next week…and hopefully then the heating system will be fully working (not that we need it now, but in October we want to be able to use it)

Aquarium – we now have lots more fish and the tank is very active and looks good. One fish died but otherwise everything seems fine BUT…Uri came to install the lighting and found that the cover of the aquarium was made in such a way that he couldn’t get the light in. Danny is working on a solution which we hope will be straightforward. Also he couldn’t put the air pump in because there are electricity wires – but no sockets…we need to get the electrician to fix it so the pump and lights can be plugged in.

So that’s the update. Hopefully the curtains and heating will be fixed next week and we will make progress with the aquarium problem

Bye for now!