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And unsurprisingly not much has happened. Tamar has come and looked around and we have written up a list of last jobs that need to be done. Below is what has now been finished since the last post was written:

Heating/Hot Water: After 3 more visits the heating pump has finally been fixed but today we noticed a leak. It was coming from the pressure reducing valve on one of the hot water tanks. We currently have turned the water off and the installer is on his way and should be here by 9.30. He was always late!

Oven: The toe kick has been fitted but it is a slightly different colour. The hood has had an extension chimney added and so fits correctly in the kitchen – this looks a lot better.

Curtains: All curtains now installed (correct length) and the sticks for opening and closing have been changed so they are longer and more useable.

Pond: This seems to be ok. We have filled it and left it for about a week. We now need to connect the pump and add plants and fish.

Aquarium: We have a solution for taking the hood off the aquarium and fitting the light and so this will be done next week. We have had lots of hassle with an automatic feeder that kept getting affected by the condensation in the tank. We have ordered a piece of glass for this to solve the issue. We haven’t mentioned that we have about 6 baby electric yellow lab cichlids that have survived for about 6 weeks. Hopefully they will stay alive and not get eaten by the bigger fish.

That’s all for now – but we will start with photos in the next fortnight.

Adam & Joelle