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Hi all,

I know that I haven’t written for a long time. It has taken a long time to go through all the photos.
There have not been too many changes. The builder and the carpenter have finished the fireplace with tiles and a wooden (very small) shelf. We also have 4 small coffee tables (2 pairs of nesting tables).
Yaniv & Tamar came and did a “final check over”. We found some more issues after this and Yaniv will be coming back to fix them soon.
Paintings have gone up.
We have also added the lighting and air bubbles in the aquarium.
The alarm guys have come to fine tune the system.
We had a leak in a water pressure valve about 2-3 months ago. They did a quick (bypass fix) but we are still waiting for the replacement.
The pond outside now has plants and fish in it – and looks really nice.

So lets start with the photos. Today I am going to do the front view – and the changes that we have had over the time frame.

Below is a photo of the house before it was ours. We had already signed the contract though.

This photo shows the creation of the new large front window space.

This photo is after the demolition work and window spaces had been created.

This photo is with the windows installed

This is how it looks now with railings, basketball hoop and kids mess! The black tarpaulin has been put in by the tenants to give them some privacy.

It took a lot of time – but you can see the large difference even in how the front of the house looks.

To be continued……

Adam & Joelle.