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Hi all,

Five weeks to bring up some photos that I have already prepared is totally unacceptable. So I am telling myself off for you – just to be sure.
There have really not been too many changes. The builder has now completely finished. The electricity testing has been completed (The electrician forgot to turn back on the underfloor heating and the air conditioning units on the roof – so we had no heating at all). The heating specialist finally came back to replace the pressure limiting valve that was removed at the end of August when it started leaking.

The alarm guys replaced a sensor that was too sensitive (it went off when someone moved a few miles away!) and we now have a system that appears trustworthy – rather than one we assume is giving us a false alarm when it goes off. It only took six months!

The pond outside had fish in it – but the local cats appear to have really liked this feature – to extinction.

Now for something completely different – some more photos. Today I am going to do the left hand side of the garden including the main entrance to the house.

The photo below is of the stairs between the house and the back garden on the day that we bought the property.
Upper Stairs

If you remember that far back – we totally replaced the stairs in the picture above as they were neither straight nor even. This next photo shows the new stairs in the middle of their manufacture.
Upper Stairs during manufacture

This last photo of the stairs shows them fully completed but we had not yet changed the stone facing of the walls beside the stairs. You can see the finished effect on the photos of the front of the house which were printed in the last blog.
Almost finished stairs

Moving on to the porch. The two photos below shows how the porch originally looked (open with the door within the house) and as it looks today.
Initial Porch
Finished Porch with windows and a door

Moving swiftly on to the play area as you go up the stairs. This was designed to be a small basketball court for the kids. The photo below shows it with all the junk left by the previous owner.
Basketball court prior to starting work

The next photo shows the area after the gardener arrived and cleaned up the garden area.
Basketball court after cleaning the garden

We move on to the cemented area that we planned for the kids use – but not quite finished yet.
Basketball court

And finally to the finished article. This is one of the most used areas by both our kids as well as their friends and our guests’ children.
Finished Basketball court

Last but not least (for today), I am going to show you the photos of the space besides the house. This is also realistically for the kids to give them just a little more space. We do not plan on using it as an adult space.
Below are before, during and current photos of this space.
Initial state of the side of our house
In the middle of the work on the side of our house
What the side of our house looks like now

To be continued……

Adam & Joelle.