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OK, so there were almost no new changes since the last post.

The heating “fix” did not work and during the really cold weather we were told that the underfloor heating wasn’t good enough to heat the house to even 20C. I designed the system based on personal knowledge of Mitsubishi air pumps which can heat water up to 50C in temperatures down to -30C. This is crazy, but as the system is still not heating up the whole floor I suppose I will have to wait until I have a working system.

In the garden – 2 of the climbers that were installed have since died. I haven’t spoken to the gardener – I will probably just replace them myself in a month or two.

Doors – Hermetix arranged to come almost a month ago to fix some small issues. They came after my youngest son went to bed (8pm at night, about 6 hours later than arranged) and so I told them to come back another time. I still haven’t heard when they are coming.

Cupboards – We have had the guys that did the “cheaper” cupboards back about 3 times in the last 2 -3 months to fix broken drawers. I really rue the decision to save money in the family bedrooms. It has caused more hassle and stress than it was worth.

Aquarium – no bubbles right now as the pump stopped working – we are sorting out a replacement.

On to the outside dining area. Please note that there is no table here, nor is my smoker here. I am still trying to arrange the smoker delivery and we are waiting for the pre-pesach sales to buy our garden furniture.

Let’s start with where we have our bbq area – below is the mess that we inherited following through to “in-progress” and almost finished. Why almost? The smoker is still not here (or even on the way yet) and will be put in this area.
BBQ area prior to building work

BBQ area in middle of building work

BBQ area as it is now

In the front left of the picture above you can see a bench. This is basically designed to cover the outside part of the aquarium. The bench fully opens up to get to the aquarium and electrical sockets.
Bench protecting outside aquarium

Below is the area where we will be putting our outside dining area. Please realise that the fence on the left hand side will be fully covered with a passion fruit climber.
Eating area as it is now

Just to finish the outside we are including a picture of the rental garden below.
BBQ area prior to building work