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So not too much has happened over the past few weeks

Air pump (for bubbles) in the aquarium has been replaced…

Extraction fan above the oven was very noisy and has now been repaired – the reason for the noise? A wire was just touching the fan mechanism – it has now been shortened.

Hermetix finally came – we now have different locks on all of the interior doors plus the master – which is what we originally wanted. They still need to come back to fix the front door where some of the paint has come off…

The part that needs replacing after Adam backed into the garage barrier when it was up has been ordered – quite expensive due to delivery charge but that’s life.

We have planted some new indoor herbs, bought a new lime tree and herbs for the garden and also replaced a couple of the climbers that had died…so making progress there. We now need a way to cut up lots of big logs of wood into pieces that are the right size for the fireplace – not easy without a chainsaw but we don’t want to buy and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere nearby where we can hire from. Adam will probably end up hiring from a place in Tel Aviv after finishing work early one day.

And on to photos. Below is how the kitchen looked before we bought the property. The seller actually removed the kitchen before we got the keys as he was scared he would be charged tax on ‘three properties’ as there were three kitchens in the building.
This was the kitchen before we bought the house.

The photo below is after our demolition of the inside of the property.
Kitchen after demolition

This shows the waste pipes for one of the kitchen sinks.
Waste pipes installed

The next two show different parts of the kitchen install.
Beginning of kitchen installation.

Further on during install.

After the kitchen cabinetry was installed – the appliances arrived.
Delivery of some appliances.

Below is how the kitchen looks today (when it is relatively tidy 🙂 ) The second photo is the one from Tamar’s photo shoot…
How the kitchen looks today.


One on the really nice features of the kitchen is that we use an iRobot to keep it clean. Below is a photo of the iRobot outside of its home.
The iRobot's home.

Next – we will show photos of the dining area…