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OK, so after the kitchen obviously comes the dining area. But first, an update. There have been very few changes. I fixed the garage barrier, bought a chain saw and have started cutting logs. We have also ordered our garden furniture as Greens had an ex-display teak table/chair set on sale for half price – and we couldn’t resist. We also bought an umbrella for this set plus an aluminium table/chair set for two to put in the garden outside our bedroom.
We also bought a swinging chair for the balcony outside Natanel’s room. This was always promised as a bonus to getting the smallest room in the house.

So, on to the dining area photos – the first two are at purchase and after destruction….

dining area before work started
dining area after demolition

With the floor basically missing we started on the process of building the house systems, in the first photo below you can see the electricity and air conditioning cables/gas lines being laid. The second photo shows the underfloor heating (which is still not working as it should) being laid.

dining area with electrical cables
dining area with heating pipes

After the house systems were installed – the tiling has to be laid. The small stones are used to protect the heating pipes.
dining area with floor being laid

This photo shows two separate stages. The first is the plaster skeleton used as a base for the dining room carpentry as well as colour samples that we took around the house when choosing our paint colours.
dining area carpentry unit and paint colour samples

The most important part of the house. The windows. We waited months and months for these and they were definitely the turning point of the work as once we had a closed house we could start the finishing process and add items that we didn’t want stolen.
dining area windows

The following two photos show the finished article – both as it is every day and when ready for guests.
finished dining area
finished dining area ready for shabbat

The next area will be the lounge.
Chat soon,

Adam & Joelle.