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On to the photos of the lounge after a very quick update.

The garden furniture has been delivered – and has already been used. We ate Shabbat lunch outside last week as the weather is lovely at the moment.
The wooden dowels on our dining room table leaves which broke almost immediately have been fixed.

The only outstanding work is the exterior of the front door which needs repairing – still waiting for Hermetix….and we still need to sort out the smoker and putting up the punching bag in the back garden.

On to the lounge. This is the only room with multiple focal points in it – the window, piano, aquarium and fireplace. The furniture is very movable and so we actually change the layout as necessary – but our main layout points at the window and the view one step beyond.

We are now going on the circular tour starting with our largest feature – the front window. The first two photos show the window (and bars) as they were originally.
This was the main lounge window before we bought the house.

This was the main lounge security bars once the window has been removed.

The following photo shows the window space being enlarged and supported until additional support was added to the wall.
This was the main lounge window being enlarged.

The following photo shows the window space after being enlarged and being tidied up. The final view of this window can be seen in the penultimate photo of this post.
This was the main lounge window after being enlarged

We are moving on from window to the back door. The first photo is how it was originally, the second is just before the new door is installed.
This was the back door before we bought the house.

This was the back door  space whilst awaiting installation.

The door installed was wooden and needed to be painted. This was the unfinished product.
This was the back door prior to painting.

The back door after we had moved in.
This is the back door as it is now.

Carrying on round to the fireplace. below is the fireplace that the previous owner had installed around the original fireplace.
This was the fireplace when we moved in to the house.

This was the original fireplace space after it was cleaned up. The photo below is to show you how dirty the chimney was and therefore the importance of cleaning it fairly often.
This was the fireplace after a clean up.

This was the fireplace after cleaning the chimney.

The photo below shows you the changes that we made to the fireplace, in size, position and materials.
The fireplace in the midst of being built.

The fireplace as it is today.
This is the current state of the fireplace

This is the aquarium space before we built it. The two photos are the current state, notice the cat in the first photo…the second photo is a professional one taken by Tamar’s photographer.
This was the aquarium space after building the base and stairs.

Aquarium with cat

Through the aquarium.

The following 2 photos show the piano area being built and how it looks today.
This was the piano area after installing the air conditioning.

This is the piano area as it is today.

The final two photos just show the lounge from two different directions as we often see it when walking around the house.
Lounge from hall.

Lounge from piano.

We now need to do some Pesach cleaning and will carry on blogging after chag…
To be continued…