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But first – a few quick updates.
The smoker was finally ordered – from a supplier in Czechoslovakia and should be arriving in another couple of weeks. It cost a bit more but at least it is on the way over. We will need a crane to get it into the garden.
We have the hook to hang up the punching bag – it will probably be hung on one of the upstairs balconies.
We contacted Hermetix – who should be getting back in touch with us…..
We went back to the garden furniture store to get a replacement for the part that attaches the parasol to the base as it didn’t fit through the hole in the table…so now that works and we can use the parasol.
So now on to the last few photos of the downstairs – areas that were missed earlier i.e. the stairs and the front entrance.

Below are our stairs as they were before and towards the end of the building work – notice the change in stone.
This was the stairs before we bought the house.
This was the stairs after tiling.
Below is the last “stairs” photo which is simply the bookcase that was built for us at the bottom. These stairs lead down to the rental unit below and therefore are only used as the library (no smoking room though).
Library on the stairs.

Below is the entrance through its many metamorphoses.
This was the original entrance.
This was the original entrance.
The finished entryway

In the photo above, you can just about see the rarest of Israeli institutions. The coat closet. Below is a photo of the closet prior to putting in the actual cupboard. As can be seen this is also our network hub which is used for external telephone and internal hard/soft wired networking.
This was the coat closet prior to the carpentry.
The final coat cupboard.

That’s all for now. Next blog we will move into the master bedroom (and en-suite). These photos have not yet been organised – so beware of a possible time lag without yom tov as an excuse.