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It has been too long!
It is always too long!

But, now I have completed sorting through all the rest of the photos and I am ready for the final furlong. I have no more excuses – and so I now have about another 4 or 5 posts until the end of this blog.

The main addition since the previous blog is the smoker which arrived a few weeks ago – yay!

So onward and upwards-
We are continuing with the half floor between the main area and the upstairs rooms. I am labeling it as the master floor as it holds the master bedroom, en-suite and walk-in wardrobe which is our domain. No children are allowed (and we all know that our kids listen to us perfectly all the time). This was also the floor that includes the guest toilet as there was nowhere on the main floor that a toilet would work for us.

And, so on to the photos. This section was actually really difficult to plan for the blog and when we move upstairs it is going to be even more difficult – as the original layouts were very different to how they are now.
We have included just 3 photos of how it was before we moved in. The whole area was used as a rental studio but the kitchen had been taken out (see previous blogs).
Our bedroom suite is split into 4 separate areas (sleeping, electrics, clothes and bathroom.) On top of this we also have a second toilet on the floor for guests. We are trying to depict this in the layout of the design (but there are not any unfinished photos of the wardrobe area as it was a small room that wasn’t easy to photo without a wide angle lens – anyway, a picture of 4 white walls and a brown (identical) floor is not that interesting.)

The following 2 photos were the kitchen and living area of the apartment. They are now our sleeping area/bedroom.
Master bedroom sleeping space as it was when we moved into the house

Master bedroom sleeping space as it was when we moved into the house

The following, exciting, photo of a toilet is actually now our wardrobe. As you can guess, we completely changed the plumbing in the house.
The original toilet

We are now moving on to the bulk of the photos – the building stages. I have basically split them into areas. The first being the main sleeping area. The missing wall actually goes into the dining area and was removed as we moved the placement of this wall to allow for niches on both sides of the new wall.
Sleeping area after demolition

The next stage was to build the basis for the niches which included our bedside lights.
The sleeping niche for lights and all

The next three photos shows most of the flooring stage. Prior to any of these photos, the electricals and water/waste pipes were installed. These photos show two stages of the underfloor heating going in – and the third shows the tile flooring being put above it.

Underfloor heating pipes

protecting the underfloor heating plus providing a medium to spread the heat evenly on to the tiles above.

The tiles being put in

The next area is part of a small hallway between the sleeping area and the toilet/wardrobe. In this area we have the main control panels for different parts of the house (alarm, entry, heating, air conditioning, hot water and circulating pumps). It may be ugly – but it was necessary to put it somewhere!

The electrical panel area

Moving back into the sleeping area we can look out of our bedroom through the French doors into our private garden. Please note that the door in this picture is larger than the original one. In fact the original one was not even on the current plans held at the town hall….

The hole for the new French doors

On to the bathroom…. What more need I say?
Installation of the toilet tank

Bathroom flooring

The shower

The vanity unit

Back to the sleeping area and the niches and lights have now been completed.
Sleeping area niches

This is the end of the master bedroom area, below are a few photos of the guest toilet.
The tank again

All tiled up and nowhere to go

Moving swiftly on, this is how the areas look now – 2 of the photos were professional so please ignore the props on these as they are not us… at all.
The main sleeping area
The main sleeping area
The main sleeping area
The electrical panel area
The walk in clothes closet
The bathroom vanity
The bathroom shower
The guest toilet