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Since the last blog we actually had a visit from Hermetix who fixed the simpler issues with the front door. On the phone they said that they did not cover the paint issue (it is peeling) on their warranty but when the technician came he stated that it was their fault as they did not prepare the door carefully enough prior to painting, so they are going to build us a new front door panel.

I am moving from our area on to the colloquial mess i.e the 2 boys’ bedrooms. I am hoping that this is not too little material – but I do not want too many photos on one page.

Before we move onto the photos I would to comment on two things. The first is that is that we completely changed the layout on this floor and so the before/after photos are a little difficult to link together. They are very different! The second is that our oldest son’s bedroom is very small (He has access to the balcony as a compensation) and I do not have a wide lens camera – this is why I do not have many decent photos of his bedroom.

Below is our oldest son’s bedroom before the work started.
Natanel's bedroom as it was when we moved into the house
This is the same area (plus the study) after the demolition.
Natanel's bedroom and the study as it was when we moved into the house
This is the bed area as it is now. We spent a long time looking for a bed to fit well as the room is small and needed a good quality desk underneath.
Natanel's bed
This last photo is a professional photo that was taken – the props (and picture on the cupboard) do not match our family home at all – nor the room of a 12 year old boy – but the photos weren’t taken for us and so we had only a little say on the matter.
Professional photo of Natanel's room

On to our younger son’s room. The first two photos show the room as it was when we moved in and after the demolition.
Ya'akov's room as it was when we moved into the house
Ya'akov's room after the demolition
This next photo is actually looking out of the room when the walls were being rebuilt. The non-straight walls are to add a modicum of privacy plus fit the wardrobes into the rooms.
Rebuilding the walls
The last two photos show our youngest son’s room (today)
Ya'akov's sleeping area as it is now
Ya'akov's cupboard as it is now

Next blog will be the indoor play areas.

To be continued,

Adam & Joelle.