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Hi all,

This is the last post that we are doing. We are including the indoor play areas – the TV room and the attic.
The TV room (internet based tv only) is technically the kids play room – but they seem to use our lounge for that more – however many times we tell them it is not allowed. The attic is definitely a great place to hang out – as long as you are small enough to stand comfortably in there……

So, on to the tv room – as you can see from the first 4 photos – the tv room used to be the bathroom and utility area for the house. This was actually the largest waste of space that we had ever seen. When we bought the house we had already planned on improving this area – we just didn’t realise by how much!

The tv room area when we bought the house
The tv room area when we bought the house
The tv room area when we bought the house
The tv room area when we bought the house

The next photo is during the demolition
The tv room during the demolition
The next photo is a stage that has been shown a few times – the building of the walls. You can see how much we changed the layout
The tv room as the walls were being built
The next photos show the two small windows when they were being prepared to be enlarged to 1 very large window.
Enlarging the windows
The next photo shows the metal bar that was built to hang the net onto. The net itself can easily hold 4 large adults!
The tv room area - the bar for the net
The last two photos here are professional photos of the finished room. The props and carpet are not ours.
The tv room finished
The tv room finished

On to the attic – this is the main play area for the kids.
The first photo is the attic when we bought the house (after we threw out all the rubbish)
The attic area when we bought the house
The next 3 are during the building stage.
The attic - during the building stage
The attic area - building the wall of the storage room
The attic area - more building
The last two are professional photos again – most of the props are still not ours – but the bean bag, guitar, chairs and snooker table are!
The attic area finished
The attic area finished

This is basically the end of the blog. We hope that you have enjoyed following our journey over the last 2 1/2 years and got a good laugh out of our stories – and maybe even some ideas about how to avoid the mistakes that we made along the way.

Feel free to make comments – we would love to get some feedback.

In the words of Douglas Adams:

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Adam and Joelle 🙂